How is your office managing visits during the COVID pandemic?

I began encouraging telemedicine visits as early as March 14th and then closed the office to in-person visits for a 2-week period before opening back to urgent visits.

At this time, I am seeing a few select patients per day with thorough sanitizing between patients.  I do not have any patients wait in the waiting room if there is another patient in clinic.   I am taking additional standard precautions : 

I will be wearing a KN95 mask during all consultations and treatments for the protection of patients and myself.
All patients will be re-scheduled if they have any cold or viral symptoms (fever goes without saying).  All patients should be wearing a mask.

- Yousef Zarbalian, MD

What is direct primary care?

The direct primary care model is a growing model of care that acknowledges that the care we provide should not be dictated by an insurance company. The most appropriate medical care for an individual should be based on the trusting relationship that a physician and patient/family can build in combination with the best available evidence.

Because we spend less time dealing with the rules of insurers and more time with you, our patients can expect prompter appointments, more time for visits, and addressing your health in a way that is right for you rather than for your insurer.

Services included with membership and cost can be found here.  

What are the benefits of membership? What is the cost?

East-West Medicine Concierge / Direct Primary Care Membership : 


  • 360 degree medical intake

   - One-on-one consultation with Dr. Zarbalian about your health priorities, previous health history, and previous diagnostic testing 

   - Nutritional assessment and lifestyle factor analysis

   - Additional lab testing as decided upon at initial visit

   - Herbal or pharmaceutical intervention if indicated


  • Teamwork to achieve your health goals

 - Telemedicine visits and in-person visits with Dr. Zarbalian are included 

 - Access to Dr. Zarbalian via portal and telemedicine 

  • Access to additional holistic services at a discount for members : 

 - Acupuncture, cupping, gua sha: Sessions are 20% discounted compared with non-member rate (details in FAQ section)

 - Herbal consultation and discounts on high-quality medicinal herbs (when indicated for specific medical conditions)


How much does membership cost?

  • Month to month membership: $175 per month with 4-month minimum membership term

    • Under age 25:  $150 per month with 6-month minimum membership t​erm.

  • Discount for full-year membership:  $2000 per year 

  • Sliding Scale available starting at 2x's Federal Poverty level - please inquire for details

Member rates (for Direct Primary Care members) :

  • $400 for package of 5 acupuncture or cupping sessions ($100 off the a la carte rate).


What are your a la carte rates for visits? 

Note that the rates below do not apply to direct primary care members, for whom most of these visits (except house calls) are included with membership

  • Telemedicine visits and House calls: (NEW)  

    • New patient internal medicine, rheumatology, or herbal consultation: $150 for 20 minutes; $300 for 40-60 minutes 

    • Follow-up patients: $100-200 depending on time and complexity.  

    • Telemedicine visit is covered for medicare patients 

    • House call (after telemedicine visit):  $150-450 depending on travel time and visit duration. 

A la carte rheumatology and internal medicine:

  • 1st rheumatology/internal medicine visit, $300

    • One-hour visit includes holistic evaluation from Eastern and Western perspectives

    • Herbal medicine consultation included

    • Portal email access to discuss lab results, medication problems etc

  • Comprehensive follow-up rheumatology visit​, $200

    • Discussion of progress​ with lifestyle modification, medication therapy, laboratory study review

  • Basic Rheumatology follow-up visit​​ (20 minutes or less), $100​​​​​

A la carte acupuncture (rates for non-members):

  • $150 for 1st acupuncture/cupping session (60-90 minutes) includes evaluation, acupuncture/cupping treatment, and physical therapy recommendations.

    • $125 for one follow-up acupuncture/cupping/ gua sha session (includes 1.5 hour evaluation, treatment, & counseling with Dr. Zarbalian)

      • $500 for package of 5 hours of follow-up acupuncture sessions

      • $500 for package of 5 follow-up cupping/gua sha sessions 

      • $250 for package of 5 auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture) sessions 

Which insurances do you accept?

Because I started East-West Rheumatology to deliver personalized, time-intensive care, and because private insurance imposes administrative burdens that are a hindrance to good medical care, I opted to be out-of-network with private insurances.

Other rheumatology offices do not offer a multi-faceted approach in part because the doctor only has 10 minutes to spend with you. My clinic does not operate with such time restrictions and therefore I do not operate with strategies limited to medications. I offer direct primary care membership and cash-based visits at reasonable rates.

If you have out-of-network benefits, I can provide you with a bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please let me know if the cost of a visit is prohibitive and bring your W2 form.

I do participate with Medicare. 

Medicare is now covering acupuncture for indication of lower back pain.  

- Yousef Zarbalian, MD 


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