How is Dr. Zarbalian's approach different?

As a physician board-certified in internal medicine and rheumatology, with additional expertise in acupuncture and herbal medicine, Dr. Yousef Zarbalian is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive medical care for a wide variety of medical conditions.  

There are many medical conditions for which modern rheumatology has limited treatment options.  The ability to look through a different lens (traditional medicine which includes acupuncture, nutritional modification, and herbal medicine) at each person's unique condition opens up options which would not even be considered in a standard western medical clinic.  We can provide the best of both approaches (western pharmacology as well as holistic modalities) to our patients. 

What is Direct Physician Care ?

The direct physician care (DPC) model takes the middle man (insurance) out of the equation. This means longer visits with your board-certified physician, who has more time to dedicate to your health condition. This means having a doctor who is empathetic, who can dedicate an hour to you (and every patient like you), and utilize evidence-based medicine that isn't limited to pharmaceuticals.


Do I have to be a member to be seen by Dr. Zarbalian? 

Answer: No, you can pay for each visit if you prefer or consider a package as detailed below. 

Pay-as-you go or a la carte rates:

- Initial Rheumatology and Internal Medicine consultation:  $300

- Follow-up Rheumatology and Internal Medicine consultation:  $200

- Acupuncture, Cupping/Hijama, and/or Gua sha : $175 for a one-hour session which may use multiple modalities in one session (after the initial consultation)

Silver Acupuncture/Cupping package :

  • Initial medical consultation plus 5 acupuncture or cupping visits: 

    • $300 (initial evaluation and acupuncture session by Dr. Zarbalian) + 135 x 5 = $975 ( $ 200 savings off a la carte 'regular' pricing) 


Gold Rheumatology + Acupuncture/Cupping package :

  • Initial consultation, 3 Internal medicine / Rheumatology follow-up visits, plus 5 acupuncture or cupping sessions
    • $300 + 500 (3 medical follow-ups) + 125 x 5 = $1425 ($350 savings off regular pricing)


East-West Rheumatology Platinum Membership : 


How much does membership cost?

  • $600 every 3 months, minimum membership term is 6 months

    • Discount available if paid by check

  • $90 discounted rate for each acupuncture or cupping session​

What does membership look like?

  • 360 degree medical intake

   - One-on-one consultation with Dr. Zarbalian about your health priorities, previous health history, and previous diagnostic testing 

   - Nutritional assessment and lifestyle factor analysis
   - Additional lab testing for autoimmune disease or other contributing factors as decided upon at initial visit

   - Herbal or pharmaceutical intervention if indicated


  • Teamwork to achieve your health goals

 - Telemedicine visits and in-person visits with Dr. Zarbalian are included 

 - Excellent access to Dr. Zarbalian via portal

 - After 4 months of membership, you may choose to have Dr. Zarbalian as your primary care physician (requires ongoing membership)

  • Access to additional holistic services at a discount for members : 

 - Acupuncture, cupping, gua sha: 20% discount compared with non-member rate

- Herbal consultation and discounts on high-quality medicinal herbs (when indicated for specific medical conditions)

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