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What are Direct Physician Care and Direct Specialty Care?

The direct physician care (DPC) model is a simpler way of delivering medical care.  You pay one monthly (or yearly) fee and that's it.  Medical visits are included with our per month fee in addition to excellent access to your doctor. No more waiting weeks for an appointment.  Since Dr. Zarbalian is a specialist, it may also be called Direct Specialty Care. 

As a physician board-certified in internal medicine and rheumatology with additional training in acupuncture and herbal medicines, Dr. Yousef Zarbalian is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive medical care for a wide variety of medical conditions. 


Question: Do I have to be a member to be seen by Dr. Zarbalian? 

Answer: No, you can pay for each visit if you prefer.  Details can be found on our FAQ's page


East-West Rheumatology Membership : 

  • 360 degree medical intake

   - One-on-one consultation with Dr. Zarbalian about your health priorities, previous health history, and previous diagnostic testing 

   - Nutritional assessment and lifestyle factor analysis
   - Additional lab testing for autoimmune disease or other contributing factors as decided upon at initial visit

   - Herbal or pharmaceutical intervention if indicated


  • Teamwork to achieve your health goals

 - Telemedicine visits and in-person visits with Dr. Zarbalian are included (within limitations)

 - Excellent access to Dr. Zarbalian via portal

 - After 4 months of membership, you may choose to have Dr. Zarbalian as your primary care physician (requires ongoing membership)

  • Access to additional holistic services at a discount for members : 

 - Acupuncture, cupping, gua sha: 20% discount compared with non-member rate (details in FAQ section)

 - Herbal consultation and discounts on high-quality medicinal herbs (when indicated for specific medical conditions)

How much does membership cost?

  • Month to month membership: $200 per month with 4-month minimum membership term

  • Sliding Scale available starting at 2x's Federal Poverty level - please inquire for details

Member rates (for Direct Primary Care members) :

  • $450 for 5  acupuncture or cupping sessions ($60 off the first session and $100 off the regular package rate)

Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Zarbalian today and get a comprehensive evaluation of your condition

Are you looking for the following in your doctor:

  • Comprehensive medical care

  • Better access by phone and email

  • Quality in your treatments, rather than quantity

  • Lifetime relationship

  • Disease prevention


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