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About East-West Rheumatology

East-West Rheumatology is a clinic founded by Dr. Yousef Zarbalian with a mission of delivering comprehensive care for the whole individual and redefining the physician-patient relationship. Dr. Z empowers his patients to take a multifaceted approach to autoimmune disease, inflammation, and chronic pain. 

Our Philosophy

Each patient deserves an individualized program where their needs are put first. East-West Rheumatology believes in the following medical approaches: 

  • A holistic view of you as a person and your health needs ​

    • Centered on reaching your health goals rather than a disease-centered approach

  • Shared decision-making on diagnostic testing and treatment

  • Non-pharmaceutical approaches 

    • Dietary modification​

    • Acupuncture

    • Lifestyle changes: mind-body medicine techniques, such as Heartmath® and meditation 

    • Group exercise: Walk with a Doc