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McLean, VA 22101

Phone Number:

(703) 372-2646


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About East-West Rheumatology

East-West Rheumatology is a medical clinic, focusing on direct physician care, rheumatology, and acupuncture. We are based in McLean, Virginia and serve surrounding areas. Our mission is to deliver comprehensive, creative care for the whole individual and to revitalize the patient and physician's experience.

Our Philosophy

Each patient deserves an individualized program where their needs are put first. East-West Rheumatology believes in the following medical approaches: 

  • A holistic view of you as a person and your health needs ​

    • Centered on reaching your health goals rather than a disease-centered approach

  • Shared decision-making on diagnostic testing and treatment

  • Non-pharmaceutical approaches 

    • Dietary modification​

    • Acupuncture

    • Lifestyle changes: mind-body medicine, such as meditation 

    • Group exercise: Walk with a Doc