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Direct Primary Care Membership

As a physician board-certified in internal medicine and rheumatology, Dr. Yousef Zarbalian is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive medical care over an individual's lifetime. 

Dr. Zarbalian: 


I emphasize disease prevention and early detection of disease (before the laboratory testing may show a problem). The goal is to ensure a high quality of life - not just "normal" labs.  This means giving you time, hearing your story, and taking your symptoms seriously.  This is why I went into medicine.

East-West Medicine Concierge / Direct Primary Care Membership : 


  • 360 degree medical intake

   - One-on-one consultation with Dr. Zarbalian about your health priorities

   - Nutritional consultation with laboratory analysis

   - Additional lab testing as decided upon at initial visit


  • Teamwork to achieve your health goals

 - Telemedicine visits or in-person visits for follow-up with Dr. Zarbalian

 - Access to Dr. Zarbalian via portal and telemedicine 

  •  Community-based services to be continued post-pandemic:  

- "Walk with a doc" monthly nature walks

- Group acupuncture, meditation, group discussions (on topics of interest).

  • Access to additional holistic services at a discount for members : 

 - Acupuncture, cupping, gua sha  

 - Heartmath consultation: training on this biofeedback technique to engage in effective self-care

How much does membership cost?

  • Month to month membership: $125 per month with 3-month minimum membership term

  •  Discount If you commit to a full-year membership:  $1400  

Are you looking for the following in your doctor:

  • Comprehensive medical care

  • Better access by phone and email

  • Quality in your treatments, rather than quantity

  • Lifetime relationship

  • Disease prevention


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