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Internal Medicine and Concierge Care

Along with our specialties in rheumatology and acupuncture, East-West Rheumatology offers general medical care to adults as part of Direct Primary Care membership (similar to concierge care with regards to the personal attention). 

As a physician board-certified in internal medicine and rheumatology, Dr. Zarbalian is uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive medical care over a patient's lifetime, managing a range of illnesses from acute to complex and chronic issues. Dr. Zarbalian emphasizes disease prevention and early detection of subclinical disease (before the laboratory testing may show a problem). The goal is to ensure a high quality of life - not just "normal" labs.

What is Direct Primary Care?

The direct primary care (DPC) model is a simpler way of delivering medical care.  You pay one fee and that's it.  All your visits are included with our per month fee. Our goal is to also provide access to deeply discounted lab work (paying cash for labs is often cheaper than using your insurance!).  And best of all - you have access to your doctor. No more waiting weeks for an appointment.

Direct Primary Care in the News

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  • Up to 10 visits per year with Dr. Zarbalian

    • Includes annual physical, routine medical visits, or medical acupuncture sessions 

    • Urgent visits and virtual visits for times when you can't make it to the office

    • One acupuncture/cupping session included for every 3 months of membership

  • Labs on site : Cash-based (often at a lower price than insurance co-pay for labs) or insurance-based labs 

  • Group nature walks ("walk with a doc") monthly in partnership with another clinic

  • Other group-based services: group acupuncture, meditation, group discussions (on topics of interest). 

How much does it cost?

  • Month to month membership:  $125 per month, with a 3-month minimum membership period.

  • Full-year membership:  If you commit to a full year of care, a discount of $200 is applied to the membership cost ($1300 for one year of care).

    • ​This can be paid biannual or yearly (check only)
    • $200 discount is limited to the first 50 patients to sign up. 

Are you looking for the following in your doctor:

  • Comprehensive medical care

  • Better access by phone and email

  • Quality in your treatments, rather than quantity

  • Lifetime relationship

  • Disease prevention


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